Strategic Acumen in Mergers and Acquisitions with Martin Luc Derome (Ep. 44)

Strategic Acumen in Mergers and Acquisitions with Martin Luc Derome (Ep. 44)

Selling a business is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many advisors.

Do you really want to rush into the transaction? Or do you want to make sure you find the right buyer, receive maximum enterprise value, and leave your clients in good hands?

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson interviews Martin Luc Derome, president of Queenston. Specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and valuations in the financial services industry, Martin has invaluable insights for both buyers and sellers on how to navigate the transaction successfully and effectively.

They discuss:

  • The dos and don’ts of M&A in financial services
  • Actionable steps that help you maximum your enterprise value
  • Queenston’s proprietary process to navigate a business sale from start to finish
  • How to find the ideal buyer/seller (beyond just AUM or EBITDA)
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Martin Luc Derome is a seasoned business leader with over 25 years of experience in finance and insurance. He currently serves as President of Queenston M&A Inc., specializing in mergers, acquisitions, transfers and valuations in the financial products industries. He has held executive positions at Financial Horizons Group, and worked as M&A consultant for high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and professionals. Martin Luc is a trusted consultant dedicated to providing personalized solutions to clients. Mr. Derome has successfully completed the “Certified Financial Planner” program.

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