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I am a chartered consultant in industrial relations and part of the “”Order of Certified Human Resources and Industrial Relations Advisors of Quebec” with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Our services can be cost-effective for you and give your organization an efficient human resources department.

Pina Di Girolamo, President


(514) 952-5430



CWB Maxium Financial is a leader in supporting growth and succession planning in the Canadian wealth sector. Specialized lending is what we do and through acquisition financing we’ve helped numerous advisors achieve their strategic objectives. We are a subsidiary of Canadian Western Bank, specializing in cash flow lending, and have been actively lending in the wealth management sector for the past 6 years. Additional activities we support include: advisor buy ins, equity take-outs and other activities supporting succession planning. Our specialists understand the unique nature of the industry and recognize the value inherent in a wealth management business and its ability to generate predictable, recurring cash flow.  For more information, please download the flyer or visit www.cwbmaxium.com

Pierre Sauvé

Director, Originations, CWB Maxium Financial

t. 905.780.6150 ext. 399| tf. 800.379.5888 ext. 399 | c. 519.588.6783

30 Vogell Road, Suite 1, Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3K6

socialite media marketing

Your one-stop shop for all of your business needs, from website/graphic design, complete branding, search engine optimization, social media marketing, advertising for print and web, print services, video design, creation and marketing, website malware removal, animations and character creation. Why deal with so many different companies when you can deal with one, Socialite Media Marketing.

Myra Fletcher, CEO & President

Winnipeg, MB 

Solution Debit Credit Inc.

We are your partner. Our goal is to remove all the time you spend on tiresome tasks such as accounting, tax returns and payrolls by doing them for you. That way, you can invest all your time and energy into growing your business.

Jeffrey Bedard,





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YULEX provides entrepreneurs and their businesses at the start-up, growth and maturity stages with strategic, pragmatic and accessible legal services in business, intellectual property and technology law, both locally and internationally.

Francois Boulianne

T: 438-386-9002 #225

C: fboulianne@yulex.ca

417 Saint-Pierre, suite 401

Montréal (Qc) H2Y 2M4


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6 Keys to Finding The Right Firm - LPL Finaancial

Building value for your clients and your practice means identifying the structure, environment, and firm that will help you perform at your best...

7 Acquisition Tactics You Can Implement Today

7 Acquisition Tactics You Can Implement Today- FP Transitions

I rarely meet a financial advisor who doesn’t immediately mention that they want to buy a practice. It seems to be every advisor’s goal. Of course it is...

10 Reasons to Professionally Value Your Business

10 Reasons to Professionally Value Your Business- FP Transitions

Experienced business owners recognize the importance of tracking and monitoring the value of their practice over time...

Business Factors Supporting Growth & Resilience

Business Factors Supporting Growth & Resilience - FP Transitions

In the late nineties, not everyone believed that financial practices had transferable value. Financial planning as a profession separate from traditional...

The concepts of partnership and collaboration Ros Carnwell and Alex Carson

Within health and social care literature, there are many references to the need for health and social care agencies to ‘work together’ more effectively in ‘partnership’ and in ‘collaboration’...


Critical Decisions That Advance the Evolution of an Advisory Firm - The Ensemble Practice

Crossroads are points in life that force us to make critical decisions, choosing among different paths. What should I do next? Should I go to college? What career should I pursue? Should I marry this person?...


Deal Structuring - FP Transitions

There are two critical and common mistakes that independent financial advisors make in the merger and acquisitions (M&A) space. One is to treat every sale or acquisition target the same way: applying one valuation approach, one documentation approach....

Estimating Value Based on

Estimating Value Based on Recurring Revenue- FP Transitions

Recurring revenue is one of the most important single determinants of value. Revenue produced through management fees, trails, or renewals is ongoing and reasonably predictable....

robo advisor

Robo-advisors and the Future of Advice - Nest Wealth Plus

The term “robo-advisor” was coined by the traditional wealth management industry as a way to confuse investors. Mission accomplished. In reality there are no robots involved at all....

fp lifestyle succession plan

The Lifestyle Succession Plan - FP Transitions

A succession plan is best defined as a professional, written plan designed to build on top of an existing practice or business and to seamlessly and gradually transition ownership, leadership, and growth responsibilities to the next generation of advisors.....

Maximizing Business Growth Through Benchmarking

Maximizing Business Growth Through Benchmarking - FP Transitions

The average advisor faces a difficult and increasingly competitive industry. With industry consolidation, technological advances, increased competition, more regulatory oversight, and the need to recruit ......

organic growth


In our most recent State of Retail Wealth Management report, PriceMetrix data revealed year-over-year (YOY) declines in same store1 advisor production levels. This is challenging news for wealth management executives......

robo advisor

The Fountain of Growth - PriceMetrix

The retail wealth management industry is undergoing a fundamental demographic transformation, as the average age rises for both financial advisors and their clients. This seismic shift is already impacting the industry, with advisors and wealth .....

stay or stray

Stay or Stray - PriceMetrix

This Insights report is made possible by PriceMetrix aggregated data representing 7 million retail investors, 500 million transactions, and over $3.5 trillion in investment assets. PriceMetrix combines its patented process for collecting and classifying data with proprietary measures of......

transitioning to fee

Transitioning to Fee - PriceMetrix

One of the most important trends in the retail brokerage industry over the past decade has been a shift away from traditional, commission-based business toward arrangements where clients pay an advisory fee based on the value of the holdings in the account......

teams in retail wealth

A Winning Formula - PriceMetrix

For financial advisors, working as part of a team is more popular than ever, with 55% of advisors working within some sort of team-based arrangement. And that number is growing – there are 25% more team-based advisors today than there were in 2012.......

Relationship Marketing Strategy - Printing Industry Center at RIT

The purpose of this research is to understand the impact of relationship marketing strategy on the demand for customized communication through printing. Though many marketing executives report .....

Tactical Branding Guide - Tacti Brand

A primer, by definition, contains elementary principles on how to accomplish something. This tactical branding guide is no exception. In the following pages you will learn the basic principles of branding: what a brand is, what it isn’t, how to create one and how to leverage your brand to increase......

technology and value

Technology and Value - FP Transitions

Advisors constantly seek an answer to the questions “How can I grow faster?” and “How can I increase the value of my practice?” Generally, their focus is on acquisition. However, growth and value are not singular concepts.......


The Theory of Partnerships- Dr Ronald W. McQuaid

This chapter explores some of the theoretical and policy issues concerning the reasons for developing and operating partnerships. In particular partnerships to promote urban and rural regeneration or economic development are analysed...


Transforming Your Practice Into a Business - FP Transitions

FP Transitions1 is the nation’s leading provider of enterprise development, valuation, and succession planning services for the financial services industry. Based in Portland, Oregon, FP Transitions operates the largest open market for buying and selling financial service practices in the U.S.....

understanding the J curve

Understanding The J-Curve- SharesPost Investment Management

Investing in private companies can offer a number of benefits to investors including access to an asset class that has a low degree of correlation to the broader markets, diversification and the potential for sizable returns. As companies stay private longer, a greater portion of their appreciation is frequently occurring during the private stage of their life cycle.....


Understanding the Value of Your Practice - FP Transitions

Practice valuation is the starting point for owners who want to effectively manage their equity and build a business of enduring and transferable value. Owners, and prospective owners, need to accurately determine the value of a financial services practice, understand what drives that value, and learn how it can be increased and improved........

Behavioral finance

Six Behavioral Finance Insights - Cadet Grant

While researchers are continually adding to our knowledge in this field, six established tenets of behavioral finance will add greatly to an understanding of investors. The six are: Loss aversion, anchoring, familiarity bias, mental accounting, the gambler’s fallacy, and herd behavior. ........

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