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Martin Luc Derome

Martin Luc Derome

Phone: 204-889-1189 Ext 200
Email: martin@queenston.net

Martin Luc Derome is a seasoned business leader with over 25 years of experience in finance and insurance. He currently serves as President of Queenston M&A Inc., specializing in mergers, acquisitions, transfers and valuations in the financial products industries. He has held executive positions at Financial Horizons Group, and worked as M&A consultant for high net worth individuals, business owners, and professionals. Martin Luc is a trusted consultant dedicated to providing personalized solutions to clients.

Mr. Derome has successfully completed the “Certified Financial Planner” program.

Edouard Bonnefis

Edouard Bonnefis

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor
Phone: 204-889-1189 Ext 203

Born into the world of business, Édouard Bonnefis is a talented young entrepreneur who has
gained diverse experience in sectors such as transportation and logistics, technology,
franchising, and the automotive industry. After holding high-level positions in several companies,
Édouard is now a shareholder in multiple businesses, through which he continues to perfect his
knowledge of the business world. With a keen business sense and a structured approach,
Édouard is a curious and dynamic businessman. He studied at Laval University, where he made
an indelible mark as the President of the Regroupement des Étudiants Entrepreneurs, receiving
numerous awards for excellence along the way. During his academic journey, Édouard was
notably awarded the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Medal in recognition of his exceptional
dedication to entrepreneurship. Since 2020, Édouard has worked tirelessly as a consultant in
mergers and acquisitions, creating the best possible business opportunities for his clients.

Jim Marcolin

Jim Marcolin

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor
Phone: 204-889-1189 Ext 202

Wise, calm, thoughtful, brilliant and unquestionably a businessman with an impressive track record. Jim Marcolin will never stop despite his “mature” age. He has been in the financial services business for over 50 years now. From financial security advisor to general agent with Standard Life and then Horizons Financial Group. His vast network of contacts with insurance companies and financial advisors becomes very interesting for anyone who wants to buy or sell their business. Jim Marcolin likes to advise without directing, but rest assured he always finds the necessary resources to accompany you through the next steps of your professional career.

Mr. Marcolin has successfully completed the following:

● ASCP Board of Certification

● Chartered Financial Analyst

● Certified Financial Planner

● Certified Financial Consultant

● Chartered Life Underwriter

Jean-François Murphy Filiatrault

Jean-François Murphy Filiatrault

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor
Phone: 204-889-1189 Ext 203

With over eleven years in financial services, Jean-François brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our company. His mastery of financial markets, his ability to assess strategic opportunities, and his in-depth understanding of current regulations make him a valuable asset to our team.

Whats more, his vast experience in human resources will enable us to develop this new market of transition and executive search for all levels: assistant to financial advisor,
financial advisor, administrative assistant, sales assistant, sales manager, vice-president, and the whole “C”; suite.

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