Determining the Value of Your Financial Services Practice

The best opportunity Queenston has marketed?

By Jerry Butler 

As an independent advisor, your business is now one of your largest personal assets. Understanding what your business is worth, and what drives that value, are essential factors in making effective, efficient business decisions.



Using the industry’s largest comparable sales database of financial service businesses, Queenston Consulting is able to deliver a detailed and realistic valuation analysis. The CALCULATIVE VALUATION provides a clear picture of value within the context of actual deal terms.



Valuing your business is an important step to managing equity. While some advisors obtain a valuation to determine their selling price, the Calculative Valuation is used for many other purposes:


• Benchmarking and increasing value years before a sale

• Buy/Sell Agreements (Death/Disability Agreements)

• To facilitate succession planning discussions

• To plan and implement internal stock sales

• Acquiring practices




Over the last decade, the Queenston Consulting valuation services have evolved from annually published, and often quoted, multiples of revenue, to a much more


accurate and complete valuation system. Queenston Consulting’ valuation analysis provides owners a neutral, accurate, fact-based opinion of value, based on the industry’s largest marketplace for independent advisors. By using comparable sales data, and measuring your business’s equity on  the three major valuation indexes of Cash Flow Quality, Transition Risk, Growth and Marketplace Demand, Queenston Consulting can determine the fair market value of your business.









Regardless of the size of your practice or your career path, determining and monitoring the value of your practice is the single most important step to planning for the future of your advisory career. Do it right. Understanding what drives the value of a financial services practice impacts every decision you’ll make in the years to come, from acquisition, to hiring, to succession planning.




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Equity Partner

The best opportunity Queenston has marketed?

By Jerry Butler 

Queenston started just under three years ago. We were an early entrant into the valuation and transition business specializing in the financial advice industry. In that time period we have valued and transitioned over $20 million in business value and just under $1 billion in AUM. We think that within a few years we will be doing that annually. We are successfully building a recognizable brand coast to coast. We have the most comprehensive data base in Canada of the financial advice industry. Bottom line – we are poised for growth!

The demographics are clearly in our favour. The average advisor is in their late 50’s and early 60’s and should be thinking about their Exit Strategy. The younger advisors recognize that the most effective method of growth in this competitive industry is by acquisition. Combine that with major changes occurring in the industry and we see a lot of opportunity for growth from coast to coast.

Queenston is starting to get traction in several different geographic areas outside our home base of Manitoba. We need to increase our presence and our distribution system throughout Canada. Towards this end we are seeking equity partners in other geographic areas in Canada.

Do you have extensive experience in this industry? Are you interested in a new challenge? Do you want to be the go-to person in your province for valuations, mergers and acquisitions? If you are answering “yes” than ….




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