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October 23, 2017





There are many ways an advisor can grow their business. There are many different descriptions of growth. Queenston has worked with many financial advice businesses as a valuator / management consultant and we have assisted our clients with transitions, mergers and acquisitions.
Different growth objectives include:
  • Increase the value of your business;
  • Increase your top line revenue without increasing AUM;
  • Increase profit (no one talks about profit – the most important variable);
  • Get equity with your Dealer – i.e. increase your Net Worth;
  • Reduce expenses;
  • Monetize your business without leaving your business (put money in the bank);
  • Etc.
Different strategies to achieve growth include:
  • Adjust your Business Model – all models are not created equal;
  • Take control of your fees – many advisors are earning well over 1% recurring;
  • Improve and communicate your “value proposition”;
  • Change Dealer;
  • Change Platform;
  • Reduce overhead thru a Partnership, Team or Working Relationship;
  • Put a new profitable product arrow in your quill;
  • Get a forgivable loan i.e. put money in your pocket;
  • Obtain an above average buy out guarantee when you are ready to Exit;
  • Etc.
Queenston has been helping advisors know the value of their business, grow their business and sell their business for the highest price and the best deal. Prepare your business for sale or prepare your business to buy another business – think Queenston. Questions?

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