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March 30, 2022


Tons of Buying / Selling / Merging Opportunities | Queenston Consulting




We have many advisors wanting to do a deal … or two. Many are sitting on the fence and waiting for the right opportunity to come along. ARE YOU CONSIDERING A TRANSITION? WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Call us!!!
Queenston’s job is to find that right fit which will make their decision easier. Here’s our process:
  1. Find advisors considering a sell; sell and stay; partnership; amalgamation; etc., and
  2. Define who will qualify and what terms are they looking for, and
  3. Find the interested and qualified, and
  4. Promote the interested and qualified to the advisor considering opportunities, and
  5. Find the fit so we can introduce the two candidates.
Interested in getting in front of opportunities? Let us know … we will outline the process to you.
We currently have the following fence sitters:
East Coast –
MFDA and Insurance business with $35 million in AUM and ~ $300,000 in revenue is considering a sale or a sell & stay. Are you ready to structure a win-win relationship?
a.) MFDA operation with $50 million in mutual funds and $400,000 in recurring revenue.
b.) IIROC business with a PM and $300 million in AUM looking for a PM platform. Either buy into a firm or land on another PM platform.
c.) IIROC business with $110,000,000 and $1000,000 in Revenue.
South Ontario-
a.) MFDA and Insurance business with $50 million in AUM and $350,000 in revenue. Looking for a merger / partnership.
b.) IIROC and Insurance business with $30 million AUM and $300,000 in revenue. Looking for a sale or a sell & stay.
c.) MFDA and Insurance business with $100 million in AUM and $1.5 million in revenue.
Manitoba –
a.) MFDA business with $100 million in AUM looking for a junior partner and a future successor. Will sell $25 – 50 million at start.
b.) Small insurance business generating $50,000 in revenue wanting to sell.
Saskatchewan –
Referral and insurance business generating $300,000. Sell and Stay.
Alberta –
a.) Very good referral business generating $200,000 in revenue. High average HH AUM.
b.) IIROC business with $60 million in AUM wanting a successor.
Those are some of our opportunities crying out for interested and qualified candidates. Want more info? Respond to this email.
Want first crack at ALL opportunities on your wish list? Consider our Subscription Program.
Interested in doing some business? Wanting a valuation? Wanting a Successor or Exit Strategy? Email.