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Valuation Services

A valuation is an important undertaking for many reasons. Everyone would agree that a valuation should be performed for succession planning, exit strategy, partnership, estate planning, income tax planning, etc. But what about a re-org. Bringing on a partner / associate. A partial sale. Even adopting a growth strategy. It is an important step in structuring a comprehensive Business Plan. You need to know where you are starting from.


Acquisition Strategy
Acquisition remains the most desired growth strategy with Canada’s advisors. Currently we havemany more buyers than sellers and the acquisitions marketremain very competitive.

Queenston has worked with many financial advice firms that have had tremendous success with finding potential acquisitions. The one common denominator with multiple successes is someone devoted / responsible for Business Development.


Maximize Your Selling Price
It is easy to sell your financial advice business these days. But are you getting the best price, the best deal and the best advisor to take over your business? Queenston has worked with over 100 different advisors and their business transitions. This industry is our speciality and we do not venture outside of it.
Queenston has precedent comparables so we know what is a good price and how you should be paid. The terms make the deal not the multiple. QUEENSTON WILL GET YOU MORE MONEY AND A BETTER DEAL – GUARANTEED.


Sell & Stay / Merge / Partner

Many advisors are not ready to exit and ride off into the sunset. At the same time, they worry about having a Succession Plan in place and a Continuity Plan in case of sudden death, disability or being unable to run their business.

Our process is similar to an out right sale but requires additional negotiations and usually takes longer.

Confidentiality is a key so you do not have every advisor you ever met calling you. You are anonymous until you agree to be introduced to a candidate.


Transition Support

Do you have a seller? Or Do you have a buyer? Frequently when Mergers and/or Acquisitions occur, they are done without the assistance of an intermediary. There are several factors to consider; including:

What is an appropriate price?
What are similar businesses selling for?
What are the key terms to negotiate?
What happens after Settlement Date?
How to we keep this deal anonymous?
How is transition risk minimized?
Should you have an Earn Out Arrangement?
Should you have an Earn Out Arrangement?


Comprehensive Business Developement

Financial advice is a fluid industry. The changes in the last ten years are numerous and consequential. Some advisors adjusted and rejigged their business and have done very well. Most did not and have stagnated.

The Comprehensive Business Development program is designed to develop your business and plan for growth and/or a long term succession plan. It includes protecting the value of your business – now and the future and the unexpected.

Advisors know and understand the value of advice. The value of outsourcing responsibilities of their business to get things done properly and on timely basis.