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All valuations contain a conclusion to value based on analysis, review and corroboration of relevant information. The extent of the corroboration required will determine the level of Valuation. The choices are Calculative – similar to Notice to Reader Financial Statements; Estimate – similar to Review Financial Statements and Comprehensive – similar to Audited Financial Statements.

Queenston specializes in Calculative (Basic) and Estimate Valuations.



Queenston on occasion has acted as an Expert and prepared reports or given opinions on different situations and/or other reports. These can include: Advice and Expert Reports containing a conclusion as to the quantum of financial gain/loss or any conclusion of a financial nature in the context of litigation or a dispute. Queenston has prepared our opinion on the value of a Partnership, Minority Shareholders and quantum of economic loss/gain.

In addition – we have provided in legal disputes Limited Critique Reports, Fairness Opinions and other Advisory Reports.



Doing a valuation allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business – this in turn puts Queenston in a position to make recommendations to maximize the value of your business. This process is very valuable at all times in the business cycle but more so if you are five years or less away from a Succession Plan. If you do not have a Successor; Queenston can help find one.

Queenston has been successful in increasing value by as much as 50% especially if your business is qualified and prepared for a Perfect Buyer.



Do you have a buyer/successor/partner/merger candidate? Queenston has worked with many businesses in establishing pricing, preparing the terms, designing agreements and negotiating win-win settlements.



Are you looking for candidates for Successor/Partner/Merger etc. Queenston can help. We have an extensive data base of advisors and experience.



Queenston has worked with many advisors – see Business Listings on this site. If you are a buyer or seller – Queenston should be your first stop. Get in our data base so you are made aware of all opportunities.

SELLERS – we work with sellers where all the steps of the process the sellers remain anonymous. We help seller outline who would be the buyer for your business. Queenston will find qualified and interested buyers and present to the seller who the buyer is – the seller decides if they want to meet that candidate. We are able to find 2+ qualified buyers and consequently able to get the best price.

BUYERS – register in our data base and complete our Buyer’s Profile – you will be notified of opportunities that are available.

DEALER TO DEALER TRANSITIONS – are you interested in exploring opportunities of other Dealers? Give us a call as we work with several Dealers who are currently recruiting.