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April 23, 2018





2017 was interesting as we worked with fewer businesses but they were much larger than previous year’s clients. Queenston worked with businesses with $1 Billion AUM and over $10 million in revenue. The total value/price of these businesses exceeded $17 million!!
Queenston did the following in 2017:
  • We successfully found buyers for our clients who had $120 million in AUM and a total selling price in excess of $3 million. For above average businesses we are getting a multiple of over 3 x recurring revenue and almost 3% of AUM.
  • Queenston successfully sold and transitioned 4 insurance businesses including a small group insurance business.
  • We also recruited and transitioned $200,000,000 in AUM from one Dealer to another Dealer. In addition, we were able to negotiate an Exit Strategy for these clients in excess of $5,000,000 based on current AUM.
  • In addition, we worked with several businesses in valuing the business and assisting in a transition to an advisor our client had already identified. We put a price and favourable terms creating a win win transition.
When we started this business there were numerous nay sayers and pooh poohers but we blew through our FIVE YEAR anniversary this past summer. We have worked with businesses which had in excess of $4 billion AUM and almost $80,000,000 in value.
QUEENSTON GUARANTEES OUR SELLING CLIENTS THAT WE WILL FIND YOU THE BEST DEALS IN THE MARKETPLACE.  Are you looking for an Exit Strategy this year or in 5+ years you have to talk to Queenston we are doing deals no one else has even thought about!

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