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September 10, 2018

Queenston will value and market your business for FREE

Income Tax Rules for Buyers and Sellers | Queenston Consulting




Queenston will help you make your business more successful – we will do all of the following for FREE:
Valuation – what is your business worth?
Evaluation – what you can do to make your business worth more in the short term.
Preparation – how can you prepare your business to sell to the Perfect Buyer? The Perfect Buyer can increase your selling price by 50%.
Sales Price – how much can you receive for your business? We will sell your business and if we get more and will only get paid on the difference!
Transition – how can you transition to a different and better platform and get paid.
Monetize your business – selling off the non-productive assets of your business can increase the value of your core business and put money in your pocket – Queenston has buyers.
If any of the above interests you and you would like to speak to us and explore how Queenston can increase the value and/or price of your business – let’s talk. Email: or call 204-889-1189.

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