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February 7, 2017

Opportunities on Prairies

Buyer Beware!! Some Buying Don’ts | Queenston Consulting




Here is what we know here at QUEENSTON:
  • Fastest way to grow a business is through acquisition; and
  • The average age of advisors in Canada is close to 60 and most are needing a succession plan; and
  • QUEENSTON is building a data base of younger and older advisors.
If you are in need of a Succession Plan / Junior Advisor –
If you want to partner with a senior advisor to acquire more assets –


We currently have the following opportunities:
#1. Our client is looking for a Partner as they have a Saskatchewan business they want to buy. It is currently generating $500,000 in fees. More info?


#2. Regina business for sale – more info?


#3. Currently QUEENSTON has opportunities in each province whether if you have a long term horizon and want to grow OR are in need of a Partner to become part of your Succession Plan and/or Exit


Are you prepared for the future?
Across the country Revenues are decreasing – Expenses are increasing and squeezing margins on most business models. There are two solutions – change your business model or increase your AUM. These are the issues QUEENSTON addresses everyday with our clients. If any of the above interests you

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