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  • Tons of Opportunities to Acquire, Merge and Grow | Queenston Consulting
    Some facts on Elite Advisors: Bring in more new clients Bring in larger new clients Grow AUM faster Lose less clients Their business model is broken down into four different areas Institute more Wealth Management areas Use “Themed” Review meetings
  • Income Tax Rules for Buyers and Sellers | Queenston Consulting
    Queenston will help you make your business more successful – we will do all of the following for FREE: Valuation – what is your business worth? Evaluation – what you can do to make your business worth more in the short term. Preparation –
  • Don’t Have to Sell to Put Money in Your Pocket | Queenston Consulting
    Hope you are enjoying the summer. Queenston is busy talking to as many advisors as we can. We have several new services and opportunities to help you grow your business and/or put real money in your pocket. Calling all buyers and sellers.
  • New Sellers / Put $$$ in Your Pocket / Fantastic Opportunity for New Advisors | Queenston Consulting
    Does your business have curb appeal or is it a fixer upper!? By that I mean at first glance does your business appear to be an above average business. Qualified buyers are looking for few but profitable households; up to
  • Fantastic Opportunity to Acquire $30 Million Over 5 Years | Queenston Consulting
    Queenston started approximately 5 years ago. We have grown to become a major source for financial planners looking to buy, sell, merge or transition to a different Dealer/Platform. In 2017 Queenston M&A assisted in transitioning and valuing $500,000,000 in AUM
  • Buyer Beware!! Some Buying Don’ts | Queenston Consulting
    Queenston is currently working with many clients for Valuations; Succession Plans/Exit Strategies; Dealer to Dealer Transitions; and Mergers and Acquisitions. For more information about these services and other information – visit Some of our current projects include: British Columbia Advisor