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May 5, 2017


New Sellers / Put $$$ in Your Pocket / Fantastic Opportunity for New Advisors | Queenston Consulting




Queenston continues to be the premier valuation and transition firm in Canada. Queenston worked with advisors in 2016 whose businesses totaled $22,000,000 in value with over $800,000,000 AUM.
Queenston works on both sides of the Transition aisle – for Growth Advisors and Exiting Advisors. In addition, Recruiting has become a major focus – Partners (Short term and long term time line), Team Players or a Multi-Advisor Growth Model.
What are you looking for?
Do you have a Growth Objective?
  • Buyer?
  • Looking to team up with an Exiting Advisor?
  • Multi-Advisor Growth Model?
  • Want a better more valuable business model?
If you want to consider growth opportunities – click here.


Have you considered designing an Exit Strategy / Succession Plan?
  • Selling – have someone in mind? Want to be introduced to potential buyers?
  • Would like to partner with a future Successor?
  • Want to recruit a junior partner?
If you want to consider any of the above situations – click here.
Not happy with your current situation?
  • Looking for a different Dealer? What are your choices?
  • Consider a new opportunity?
  • Better move valuable business model?
Do you want to discuss new and different opportunities – click here?
If you are considering any of the above – you should read my White Paper “FACTORS WHEN VALUING A FINANCIAL PLANNING BUSINESS’. It will help you look at your business or other businesses.
ARE YOU REGISTERED IN OUR DATA BASE FOR WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? It costs nothing and you may get a phone call that we have the perfect situation for you. We currently have several opportunities all over the country.
Queenston is ready and willing and able to work with all advisors. Let s talk.

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