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September 28, 2018

Double the value of your business – Become an Elite Advisor

Tons of Opportunities to Acquire, Merge and Grow | Queenston Consulting




Some facts on Elite Advisors:
    • Bring in more new clients
    • Bring in larger new clients
    • Grow AUM faster
    • Lose less clients
    • Their business model is broken down into four different areas
    • Institute more Wealth Management areas
    • Use “Themed” Review meetings with clients
    • Link their Practice Management processes to service and client acquisitions
    • Effectively implement Relationship Management and Relationship Marketing practices
    • Receive more “personal introductions” (not referrals!) from best clients
    • Effective use of social marketing


MOST IMPORTANT – the Elite Advisors business is worth more!!
Would you like to learn more about what elite advisors do different than the masses? We have prepared a White Paper –

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