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Queenston’s Current Opportunities




Increase the value of your business. Queenston works with our clients to identify
those value drivers of your business that can be improved making your business more
valuable. Protect the value of your business with a continuation plan designed to
protect that value especially if something happens to you. Move your business to
the next level. If interested respond to this email.

AT WHAT PRICE WOULD YOU CONSIDER SELLING? We are in a Seller’s market and some of
the prices we’ve seen defy gravity. List your business at for FREE
and see if you get any nibbles. Thousands of people visit our site on a regular
basis – you may catch a whale!! Email me personally at


advisor with 20 million in segregated funds looking to sell.
Will stick around for a few years. 16.07

$40 million IIROC sale. 15.13 SOLD


* MFDA investment and insurance business with $180,000 in recurring revenue.
16.03 SOLD
* Senior Insurance Advisor currently with very high 6 figure revenue seeking partner.
Vendor has a 3 to 7 year Exit Strategy. 16.09
* Senior MFDA financial planning advisor seeking 1 or 2 junior advisors to become
partners in a turnkey operation and be the succession plan for this long term very
successful business.
* Representing BUYER – $20 million purchase currently in negotiations. 16.01

* Representing a BUYER – $30 million in negoitiations. 16.10


* $1,000,000 in fee revenue. This outstanding turnkey operation is seeking a Partner(s)
/ Buyer(s) to become the Succession Plan / Exit Strategy. Potential candidates should
be well established and move Dealers.
* Are you ready to move your business to the next level? Relationship management
business specializing in comprehensive financial and estate planning. This turnkey
operation is currently managing $100m and growing rapidly.

Some Fantastic Opportunities for All Advisors from Queenston



Queenston is currently working on a few excellent opportunities for the right candidate.
Investment Council – looking for an equity partner. The qualified candidate should be a qualified PM or willing to become qualified. This opportunity is feasible anywhere Ontario West.

$10 million in mutual funds for sale – this is an excellent opportunity for someone relatively new in the industry or looking to add approximately 120 households to their book of business. The clients are located in Winnipeg.

GTA $40 million in AUM at IIROC Dealer – this advisor is looking for a buyer to move or be at same Dealer. Advisor will work with successful candidate for 12 – 30 months. Queenston does not have a contract with this advisor therefore buyer would be hiring Queenston to negotiate the best deal for the buyer. For more information please contact

Calling all sellers or senior advisors considering a junior advisor or a merger partner – check out Queenston’s list of qualified buyers and merger partners. We have some great opportunities for those advisors doing their mid to long term planning.
If interested – click on the links. If wanting more information please contact Jerry –