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February 18, 2022

Are You a Seller/ Buyer/ Merger/ Amalgamate/ Find a New Business Model?

Are You a Seller/ Buyer/ Merger/ Amalgamate/ Find a New Business Model? | Queenston Consulting




Right now, the opportunities are coming fast and furious. We currently have selling, merging, transitioning opportunities from coast to coast. Interested??

If you are interested in any of the above, Queenston may be able to help you. We have over 40 listed sellers, 100s of merger candidates and many advisors looking to move to a team to help build their business or have an exit strategy in a few years.

Here are some samples:

Western Canada – we are currently in the discussion stage with several sellers:

A few smaller businesses in BC – on Island and Southern BC
Two MFDA businesses in Alberta – $30 m and $50 m.
A $20 million seg and mutual fund book in Northern Alberta.
A million+ a year referral and insurance business looking for an Exit Strategy

Ontario – we have many opportunities including five in the Letter of Intent stage which may not materialize and they may become available. But there are many more transitions to consider:


A very well-managed million-dollar-a-year business with mutual funds and insurance.
A referral business ($300k) considering an amalgamation with an insurance specialist.
A $50 million MFDA business would consider an Exit Strategy if attractive.
Several smaller businesses looking for a home


A $50 million MFDA business looking to buy out a 50% Partner
Another MFDA looking for a Sell and Stay arrangement


A $60 million IIROC business for a Sell & Stay
Two different smaller businesses with approximately $10 million in AUM

We have thousands of buying candidates that are interested and we find the ones qualified to work with you and your business.

What is your business worth? What multiple will interest you in making a major decision – 3X; 4X; 5X – you get the picture.


Option 1 – Become an Associate
If not already, go to – free.

Option 2 – Become a Preferred Associate
Get priority notification on opportunities. Each time a new opportunity comes up you will be notified. If you are interested, we will send the candidate a marketing brochure describing your business and what you are prepared to do to put a deal together.

More information?

Option 3 – Acquisition Manager Program
Your time is valuable – don’t hunt for acquisitions. An employee does not know where to start. Hire Queenston to design and manage an acquisition program tailored to your needs. We adopt a proactive strategy to identify and approach candidates that fit your target market. We have a 20,000 advisor data base. We know where to look – what to say – how to find qualified and interested candidates.

More information?

So, you can see there is much going on with Queenston. Whether you are looking for growth by acquisition or just wanting to keep informed of what is going on in the market, let us know how we can help you. I promise you will be surprised.